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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of phones do you accept?
    We accept any kind of Samsung Galaxy whether it is used, new, or even broken. We are probably the only site that offers to buy your "broken" Samsung Galaxy, unlike many others who would accept it as a donation.

How do I ship my Samsung Galaxy out to you?
    After filling out the form, we will send you via email a prepaid shipping label which you print out and attach to the package. This guarantees that you will not pay a penny for shipping because it is on us.

When do I get paid?
    Upon receiving your Samsung Galaxy, we inspect it to make sure it is as you described, we will then send you the payment via paypal or a certified check (2-4 days) depending on what you choose when you fill out the form.

Why should I sell my Samsung Galaxys to you and not to another company?
    Unlike other sites, we do not pay you less than the real fair value of your Samsung Galaxy and guarantee you top dollar for it while offering a fast turnaround in getting your payment to you as soon as possible.

How do I know if you received my Samsung Galaxy package?
    With the FREE shipping label we provide to you, it has a preprinted tracking number on it to track the status of the package. We will also notify you via email upon receiving it.

What happens to my personal data on the Samsung Galaxy?
    We encourage you to delete everything before shipping out your Samsung Galaxy. However, should you forget, we do so as part of our inspection procedures so that your data will be wiped out completely.

What if you decide my Samsung Galaxy is not as I described?
    You will be given a second offer based on our inspection of the Samsung Galaxy and what the current market value is or you will have the option to have it shipped back to you.

What if I want to sell more than one Samsung Galaxy?
    Because each Samsung Galaxy is unique in its own way, we require you to use a separate order request for each one.

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